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Focus on the most important aspects of your game to elevate and maximise your potential.

Founder, Executive Coach

Why Coaching?

Understanding theory

Being able to base decisions, on understanding the most complex theoretical spots.

Fulfilling potential

Overcome obstacles and plug your deficiencies to achieve your goals.

Game selection

Realize your skill level and understand which games are better for your ROI.

Take a second opinion

Benefit from having someone else looking over your game objectively and finding potential leaks.

Three years ago, Giannis introduced me to the game theory side of poker. These three years, he has been one of my main poker coaches and he has turned me, from a mid-stakes player, into a high-stakes winning player. I think that his game theory fundamentals combined with his exploitative skills is a combination that every poker coach needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to move his game to the next level!
Kyriakos Papadopoulos,
I met Giannis at a time during which I was a struggling live pro. Two years later, through his guidance and perseverance, I've transitioned to being a zoom mid-stakes crusher but most importantly, I've gained respect over my abilities and myself.
Orestis Kanakopoulos,

Working with Giannis for the last two years, on a permanent basis, not only improved my game
but also broadened my horizons in ways that I had never thought about the game before.
His way of converting tough scenarios into piece of cake situations, increased my win-rate to a point that I can say that no one is unlucky, you just need to study more.

Paraskevas Tsokaridis,
Giannis has been determinant in finding leaks in my game and increasing my win-rate ,while helping me adapt in the competitive landscape of high stakes tournaments. He has helped me to play more balanced and to better comprehend game theory. I have developed a different perspective for the game, which has benefited me in difficult situations such as 3bet pots and oop plays, where I was able to develop better overall strategies and bet sizes for each board texture.
Stavros Kalfas,

Coaching Packages

1.5 Hour (1 Session)

€350Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

7.5 Hours (5 Sessions)

€1650Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

15 Hours (10 Sessions)

€3150Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

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