Analytic focus on selected topic with solvers

ICM, HH review, Multiway Spots, Sizing Selection etc

1.5 Hour (1 Session)

€350Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

7.5 Hours (5 Sessions)

€1650Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

15 Hours (10 Sessions)

€3150Deep Analysis On Selected Topic

How it works

In 3 simple steps you can book your coaching session in just a few minutes.


Plugging your leaks

Through one-to-one poker coaching, it will be much easier to identify leaks and work towards solving them effectively.

Improve you game and thus, your win rate

This goes without saying, but coaching will help you reach faster your goals such as move up stakes, become a more consistent winner and understand the game better.

Reviewing your play

Coaching is offering an objective and constructive feedback after the dust has settled. Being able to tell apart, a blunder because of lack of knowledge and a one-off mistake because of multi-tabling is crucial.

Understand theory better

There is no question that the game has evolved tremendously over the past years with the use of software. Being able to understand the theory and use the proper software is a necessity in today’s environment.